Samuel AundrĂ¡ Fryer is a husband of over 28 years, a father of four, and a grandfather of three. He is a retired Army colonel, who has served our nation for over 30 years, 23 of which were overseas. And, he is an engaged community member who stands with parents who desire–not just an education, nor a good education–but the best, principled education for their children–their posterity, our posterity!


Who is ultimately responsible for the education of children, morally, ethically, and academically?

How effective is the information flow among boards, schools, administration, faculty, parents, and students?


How knowledgeable are children about our nation, its founding principles, the legislative process, and being an informed citizen?

What is the cost-to-benefit for preparing children to be contributing citizens in the future versus extracurricular activities?


How effective is our education system in conveying truth and enabling critical thinking?

How prudently does the school board achieve its fiduciary responsibility for taxes?